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Yes, We Have No Bananas

September 17, 2010

Most of the week we did not have any bananas, as it is not the time of the year when bananas are most abundant. But late on Thursday afternoon, we were given a plastic bag of the really delicious, small bananas. We just sat the bag on the floor, and basically forgot that they were there.

After I was in bed, tucked into my mosquito net, I thought, “Oh, I should not have left the bananas in the plastic bag, they will get ripe too fast.” But I was tired enough to not get out of the mosquito net and bed to go and move them.

I did not anticipate the problem that would arise. About midnight, loud sounds awakened me. I could hear the distinctive sounds of the flapping wings of a fruit bat, but there were other loud thumping and banging noises. What was happening in or to our house?!

Finally, I discovered what had happened. The fruit bat could smell the ripe bananas. Yes, they were ripe when given to us earlier and they had just gotten riper every moment in the plastic bag. The fruit bat obviously thought that he could get to the bananas if he were only persistent.

You may ask, how could he tell that there were bananas on the floor from under the house? Well, our floor is spilt pieces of black palm stalk, and there are gaps between each plank. Light, noise, and smell travel well through the floor. What worried me besides the poor bat banging himself to death against our floor was that he kept getting tangled into the drain pipe that runs from the kitchen sink to the septic. I did not want a dead bat under my house; I did not want damaged plumbing. Mostly, I just wanted to be able to go back to sleep.

So, I moved the bananas out of the plastic bag and off the floor. The bat kept on banging. So, I thought that his persistence should be rewarded. So, I threw one of the bananas off the back verandah. It was too far away for him to sense from under the front of the house. I had been afraid, I must confess, to go out the front door with a banana. I did not want to be attacked by a crazy bat. (Too many scary movies watched in my life, I guess.) As the bat was still trying, I did throw a second banana out the front. Finally the bat found the outside bananas, and we were all happy.

Amazingly enough, the rat had not come that night. Last night, we were visited by both. I think that a nap is on today’s agenda to catch up on sleep.

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