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Very Welcome Visitors

September 18, 2010

David and Anne Smith came out to Walagu on the 10th Sept flight to Walagu with Joy Candee and me. Anne was helpful in getting things cleaned and organized. Although, Joy, Sara, Leah, and Amy had left the house clean, it gets dirty even sitting empty. Anne especially blessed us by taking things out of the kitchen cupboards and washing the shelves. When the shelves were dry, she put things back into place. She was also great with helping cook, and doing heaps of dishes.

David had a long list of repair jobs from me and from Joy and from Anna. My list included installing some shelves in my bedroom (David & Anne’s room while they were here). I had a couple of repairs on small LED lights, and to install a permanent extension socket, so that our computers can be plugged in close to our work table. Joy had begun some water tank repair, but needed help. So her list for David included two repairs to the water tank. The first job was to stop a leak. The second job was to more efficiently get the water from the overflow spout to the down pipe. The previous connection drippled water all of the time, and was causing rust. The rusty area was cleaned and painted by Joy. Anna Stoppels had David re-installing a repaired wind mill on the church building that is close to our house. He did get it up on the pole Saturday morning. However, this time, it is wired into our house battery alongside our solar panel and regulator to charge our battery. He is now ‘inventing’ a special regulator so that we can in future hook up lights in the church that will run off of our doubly charged battery, but will have a monitor so as not to pull all of the power out of the house/work battery.

For the Onobasulu people, David worked on 10 hand crank sewing machines. He was only able to get a couple of the machines fully functional. He has a list of parts to look for and send back to us. Joy worked closely with David and is hoping to be able to install those parts when they come. It was really amazing how many cockroaches can live in one sewing machine!

We also had much fun visiting each day with good friends, and it was a bit hard to see them leave us on Tuesday. But there was literacy work waiting for Joy, and translation work waiting for Beverly.

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