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tapestry of this week

September 24, 2010

Earlier this week, I thought that I would share with you some of the things that normally happen in our Walagu lives. Then little Asena died and changed the pattern of life and work for a few days.

On the very same day as Asena’s death, a prearranged visit occurred at our neighbors’ house. In our area, traditionally the marriages are arranged. Groom #1 marries someone from another clan or language area. To help protect the marriage relationship, and to keep balance in families, the sister, or first cousin, of groom #1 marries a brother, or first cousin of bride #1. There are then 2 new marriages with cross marriage relationships and responsibilities.

So, in the larger tapestry of this week, the normal daily tasks happened. At the same time, 2 young couples draw near to beginning their married lives together. Relations between two larger family groups are drawn closer together with the hope of benefiting all. And one small life is gone from our lives, leaving a huge hole of sorrow to heal.

Pray for us to live our daily lives in such a way to give glory to God. Pray, also, for the new young couples as they begin their lives; and for Asena’s family as they learn to live without their darling little girl.

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