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Spray in a Well-ventilated Area

September 27, 2010

Saturday night, as I was getting ready for bed, I was putting new band-aids on a couple of my sores, so that they do not get infected. As I looked up, coming at me across the table was quite a large spider. I immediately began to back away from the table. This action caused the spider to jump towards me. Well, I yelped and moved backwards much more rapidly, knocking the top off my chair. (Did the spider perceive my initial retreat as the action of frightened prey?) By the time I was a couple of yards from the table, I had no idea where the spider was! Was it on me? Where was it lurking now? Would it jump at me again?

Joy came from the back of the house to see why I was yelling. I explained that a spider had jumped at me. She helped me to look and be sure that the spider was not on me. I got the fly swatter to kill the spider, and a flashlight to find the spider. It was on the table leg. But I chickened out on using the fly swatter. I did not want to get that close to a spider that jumps.
This the moment to mention my personal spider philosophy: Any spider that has entered my personal space has forfeited its right to live. Therefore, I got the bug spray. I sprayed the spider as it ran away from the table & me all the way to the wall, and up and into the louvered windows. I sprayed into the window and closed the louvers. But a few minutes later, the stubborn spider climbed out of the window louvers and was walking across the curtain in the direction of my bedroom. Yikes! I did not want the spider in my room or bed. So, I sprayed it some more. By this time, I can hardly breathe. And Joy said that I had sprayed enough to kill spiders within 4 miles. The spider did finally die. But I still have goosebumps thinking about the spider. With a well ventilated house we do get lots of small multi-legged visitors. The irony of Saturday’s spider is that less than one hour before its appearance, I had just thought to myself, “We have hardly seen any spiders, and no big ones at all.” I was still in the euphoria of ‘no spider’ glow when the spider attack occurred.

A little over a year ago, as I packed to come out to Walagu by myself, I borrowed and watched LOTR: The Return of the King. That time there were many of a variety of spiders. This included one that thought is should make a giant web that covered my room each morning, and hindered the nightly pilgrimages that occur. I learned the lesson not to watch any movies about spiders before coming out to Walagu.

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