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Prayer items for this week of 17 October

October 18, 2010

It is a lovely Sunday afternoon here in Walagu.

Thanks so very much to those of you began to pray for better weather. Joy Candee and I each sent out prayer requests for the weather. There have not been any more of the huge thunderstorms with large amounts of rain. There has been some light rain some evenings or nights, and even a couple of nights with no rain at all. PTL! Keep on praying.

Some work was done on the airstrip Friday, some cutting of the grass and some repair of the ruts made by planes landing when the air strip was so very soft and mushy. Pray that the work goes well Monday, Sunday afternoon Texas time. We are hoping for a plane in on Tuesday, with supplies: some for us, but mostly full of medical supplies for the sub health center here. Our health worker is back, but he had to leave the supplies behind. Yet, we also want it to be safe for the plane to land and take well.

Pray as on Monday morning, a different group of people will begin village checking of the first chapters of Luke. My goal for this week is for us to check chapters 1 to 4. That is just over 200 verses, in hopefully three days. Pray that we can find any errors, and can really test if the text is natural. This is difficult when so many of the people are not really fluent readers. That is another prayer request, too. More on that later.

Well, I want to get this off to all of you.

Blessings on your week, also!

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