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Joseph, the wordsmith

October 27, 2010

We are all sitting around the table working on the second draft of a passage from Luke’s Gospel. We are checking that we have everything translated, and that it is the best way to say it in the Onobasulu language. Most of the guys think that our sentence is fine. But Joseph is still talking to himself, trying different phraseology. Suddenly, he says the sentence out loud in a new way. The other guys all smile and agree. Once again, Joseph has come up with a better way to say the sentence. We all bring different strengths to the translation team. One of Joseph’s gifts is that he has a great instinctive feel for how is language works well. It is amazing to me how he so often comes up with just the right way to say something. All of the team can come up with a good way to say something, but Joseph is our ‘go to’ guy for the correct word.

And today, Joseph blessed me. Each day we begin with devotions, and we all take turns leading. Today was Joseph’s turn to lead. He had us read from the first 11 verses of chapter 5 of Luke. This is what we had checked on Monday. On Tuesday, afternoon they had taken copies home to read through again for errors. Today, Wednesday, he shared the thoughts that had moved his heart during the time that he read through that passage again. All of the guys added thoughts that they had when they were reading these verses. It is so exciting to see God’s Word making an immediate difference in people’s lives.

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