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“. . . Who is nibbling on my house?”

November 3, 2010

Well, early in our stay we had the rats coming each night. After trapping two, we did enjoy some rat free nights. Well, there were the bat nights…
Anyway, about 3 nights ago, a new rat came. With lots of rats in the village, it was a bit inevitable that another rat would find its way into our house. We are going to work on getting more cats out to the village for the future.
This new rat is a smaller one, baby maybe? Anyway, he seems to be too small to trip the larger rat spring traps, and we do not have the smaller mouse traps. (Hint to you, Anne!)
Last night it sounded like he was either eating the water header tank, or the insulation paper that lines the roof. I know, you would think that I could tell the difference. But sorry, at 3:30 a.m. having been waked up several times early by the rat’s parties, my thinking was not at its best. Sigh.
So, before bed tonight, I am going to build a water trap, or bucket of death. And you all thought that I was a nice person. I am not so nice to critters that wake me multiple times in the night, and that eat my house & other things, no matter how cute and small they falsely appear.

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