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Rain, Rain go away. . .

November 6, 2010

Saturday in Walagu: Laundry is done and hanging out on the line. Bread is kneaded and rising. Emails are being written, and need to be sent.

But it is cloudy. How long will it take the laundry to dry. It is cooler, so the bread is sitting on an extra bowl of warm water to keep it warm and rising. Most importantly, there is not much power coming into the solar panels to charge the battery. This makes it more difficult to charge the laptops, send the emails, print work documents, and other things needing power.

Pray for more sunny days!! I am willing to be much hotter, & sweat more, for the sake of power. Also, the sun will help dry out the grass air strip. This will make Monday’s work day on the air strip to cut grass much easier. Pray that lots of Onobasulu people will come Monday to work. As the lawn mowers are not working, the grass will need to be cut by hand with machetes. Hard work – but the more people, the easier overall!

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