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starry skies & cold mornings

February 10, 2011

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Ukarumpa, in the top end of a grassland valley nestled in the heart of the highlands of PNG. How high? About one mile above sea level – think Denver. So, although here in the southern hemisphere and in our warmer time of the year generally, we have been having clear nights. Great for star gazing, especially if you get away from lights around people’s houses.

But then the altitude factor kicks in. For those of you who do know, the atmosphere acts as a blanket holding in the heat from the day during the night. Clouds are like the second blanket, holding the heat even more. Our little houses here in Ukarumpa do not have lots of insulation. (I think this reason is that it would just get moldy during the rainy season.) So, the temperature in the house is not much different than outside temperature. The temperature by my bed this morning when I got up was 59 F degrees. Yes, that means I had more than one blanket on the bed, warm socks & a hot water bottle. Of course, all of that toasty warmth makes it very difficult to get out of bed. Malt-O-Meal and hot tea for breakfast, and now I am ready to begin my day.

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