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Weekends at Ukarumpa

May 15, 2011

Isn’t it great to do something fun & different on the weekends? I do enjoy a Saturday that has nothing planned. I can read, watch a movie, or even just do nothing. However, I do also enjoy the Saturdays when there is something special planned. Here is a peek at a few recent Saturdays.
In mid April, we had a Pampered Chef party. Now, this is not part of normal PNG culture. However, one of the ladies here at Ukarumpa was a Pampered Chef consultant before coming to PNG. Usually twice a year, she will host a party here at Ukarumpa. She turns in our order through a lady who is currently a consultant. Our order comes sea freight & in a few months it is almost like Christmas with our lovely new things! When most, if not all, of the food prep is done from scratch, good quality kitchen tools are a great blessing. Here are some of us after the ‘show’ having fun just being silly!

A couple of weeks later, was a very busy Saturday. In the morning, I was part of a multi-family yard sale. Actually, it was in two large parts. Those of us at the ‘bottom of the hill’ were all in one large yard on the main road; those at the ‘top of the hill’ had their sales going on at the same time. We all did quite well. I sold most of the things I had out. My Ukarumpa house-mate, Lynn, sold everything that she took. That is the first time that I ever knew someone who sold everthing.
At lunch, it was a quick bite to eat, then shower, as mid-afternoon, I was hostess at the Ukarumpa Ladies Connect Tea Party. Quite the contrast for one day. But I do love to dress up and go to a tea party. All Ukarumpa ladies were invited. We were to wear our PNG ‘meri blaus’ (PNG traditional clothing) or a floral dress. I had a couple of dear friends at my table and two new friends that I made that day. Don’t we all look lovely on that day?

This last Saturday, I had breakfast with my co-worker Joy and some new ladies just up from the Pacific Orientation Course. It was fun to meet such young and enthusiastic ladies.
This upcoming Saturday is my party for my birthday. The little kid in my heart is getting excited, especially as presents from my family have arrived & are hiding in my closet. And a couple of friends here have already given me a present. I do so miss my Texas family on ‘family occasions’ yet it is great to have family here, too.
I pray that you have refreshing weekends soon in your life that help you to feel loved and special.

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