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Pecans, Packing & Painting

May 31, 2011

I am eating a snack of pecans. Lovely, big Texas pecans. I am the happiest Texan in Ukarumpa. They were sent to me in a care package – thanks, Sharon & Bob.
I am busy packing and getting all kinds of details done before I leave Ukarumpa on Friday for Walagu. I do NOT like packing. And I do not like the fact that if I forget something, I cannot just run out to Wal Mart and get a replacement. However, I do love being in Walagu with the Onobasulu people, so I do continue to move back & forth to & from Walagu!
And if packing was not enough of a challenge, I have someone painting my roof this week. The roof is metal roofing iron. So, as it gets old, it gets rusty. The roof is not quite as old as me, but it is close. So, this week, it has been sanded, then rust remover applied. Today it is getting the primer & then tomorrow shiny new roof paint. This will keep my Ukarumpa house going for a while longer. Or at least the roof.
Oh, there goes the timer, I need to check on the pumpkin that is cooking for dinner. . .

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