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Solar Power in the Rainforest

June 17, 2011

Oxymoron? Eight days ago we put 2 new batteries in the house. The original plan had been to also install a new (& third) solar panel. Because of one of our co-workers being ill, the solar panel installation did not happen until the following Wednesday.

From that Friday afternoon until the next Thursday, we did not see the sun directly; we were totally ‘socked in’ with clouds, fog, & rain. Very dreary, and not so great for the initial charge on new batteries. We did see almost sun on Thursday & Friday. With the new solar panel and the 2 older ones being cleaned we have gotten some more power into the battery. So, this will go off in the initial trial of sending emails. The send/receive over the radio pulls quite a bit of power, so this will be our experimental first time to do emails since Friday morning one week ago.

We do need more sun, not only for the batteries, but also to dry out the grass airstrip so that the plane can safely land & take off on next Tuesday morning (mid afternoon, Monday, Texas time.)

Signing off from a cloudy morning in Walagu, & praying for more sun.

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