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Sorry, you cannot play for 6 weeks

July 8, 2011

Please continue praying for Sabea with the broken arm. He is feeling better now. So much better that the other day he tried playing with friends, but of course, that made his arm hurt more. It was sweet, he came to us right away to tell us that his arm hurt more. But, since he is really in a makeshift cast, we had to tell him, you cannot play for 6 weeks. It was so sad to just watch him kind of wilt as that reality sank in. Poor thing, I think that he thought that we had ‘fixed’ him & he was good to go.

He comes each day for me to check his circulation. I see how swollen his fingers are; I check the temperature of his fingers; & squeeze the fingertips to observe how quickly the normal color returns. Well, each day when Sabea comes, a crowd of kids come with him to watch this strange procedure. This is funnier than watching cartoons! Today, I heard him tell the waiting gallery, now she will pinch my fingertips! I wish that I could overhear the conversations when they all leave – ‘why does she do those things to you?’ ‘You get to eat a cracker & medicine each day, do they taste good?’ ‘When she pulled on your arm, how badly did it hurt?’ I am sure that there are many other questions and observations that would be both enlightening and hilarious.

Today, the Onobasulu co-translators are involved in some community meetings. I am catching up on some computer work and printing later in the day when the sun breaks through the clouds. Monday & Tuesday, we will village check some passages from Luke’s Gospel. This involves church & community leaders reading & hearing the passages for the first time. Their responses as they hear for the first time & some comprehension questions help us determine how clear our translation is. We are also checking grammar, spelling, & other issues. Correct spelling can be tricky for a language that has only been written for a few years. Some words we are still struggling with, and each time we check those words, the spelling keeps changing back & forth. I want to yell, ‘Just choose one way & let that be it!’ But of course, I cannot do that. Pray that we find any errors that are still hiding in the text. Pray that we can determine what is clear & what still needs work. And pray for good spelling & other correction decisions.

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