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The best laid plans. . .

July 16, 2011

Jenny Lee is a university student from the USA. She has been here in PNG for about five weeks and in Walagu for three weeks. We thought that she would be here for at least several more days, or even a week. We found out last night at about 5 p.m., that she could leave today. For a variety of reasons, including a very ill lady that will travel to Mendi to go to the hospital, we all decided that Jenny will leave today (Saturday) just after lunch. This rapid change of plans is hard to take in. Our minds are all still reeling. This decision was based on good logical facts, but we were enjoying having Jenny here & learning about the Onobasulu & getting to know her. We were just adjusting to the fact that they had changed her next Tuesday’s flight back to the following Friday. So, the rapid move up today seems a huge loss of this precious last week, & time to say farewell & celebrate the gift of her presence.
Joy had already readjusted her work week, when some of the teachers helping to work on the curriculum did not arrive on the scheduled day. There were some plans that I made for translation work on some of the days this week that got changed due to community work on the airstrip that was unexpectedly schedule. (Do not get me wrong, I was hugely glad that work happened on the airstrip, it just meant that my work plans changed!) And now, without the work this week, Jenny would not have been able to leave today, so I can see God’s hand in the timing. But we have all stretched and adjusted; then stretched and adjusted again. I wish for a few days of quiet & no change of plans.

Joy & are six weeks through our planned eight week stay. We have changed and adjusted for power issues, co-workers who were sometimes not available for a large variety of reasons, and because of weather & other factors, aviation has needed to change flight dates. What will happen these next two weeks? I do have some plans, but I am trying to hold them very lightly. I have a great job & it is always an adventure. However, do you know of a place for a nice quiet, maybe boring holiday?

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