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Clinic at Chez Beverly & Joy

July 20, 2011

How are all of the sick people doing. Sabea with the broken arm has gone to another village, and I have not seen him for a few days now. The last I saw him, he was ok, but still in some pain. I just pray that he does not re-injure his arm, especially as he only has a makeshift restraint, no real cast. The lady with the huge infection in her breast has traveled to our provincial capital to see a doctor there. I hope that she can get a better diagnosis of what all is happening & better treatment then we could give. The people with various wounds are mostly getting well. We do have a couple of people still soaking bad sores & also be treated with antibiotics. No new cases of malaria for a few days.

You may ask, “Hey, are you getting any translation or literacy work done?” We would answer, “Yes, between medicine & power issues & other work coming up. we do get translation and literacy work done.” Joy continues to work with the teachers in getting the Onobasulu curriculum ready to use. This week, I am working with the translators on a couple of health booklets. One is about HIV/AIDS. We had done a booklet before, so now we are revising and updating with newer available stats & information. Later this week, we will second draft a book about marijuana usage. Of course, the booklet is really to discourage the use of marijuana & other drugs. Even very remote areas have these same problems as the rest of the world.

Continue to pray for good health for Joy & me. Pray for good sun to give us power for the computers and printers. This last week we have a long list of work that needs to be printed out and left with our Onobasulu co-workers.

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