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Sunday Morning Musings

July 26, 2011

This morning as I type the village is very quiet. In the near distance, I do hear our co-worker, Yobe, playing his guitar and singing. The wind is rattling through the palms & other trees. Last night was quite cool for here, so I imagine that everyone is safely gathered in their houses around their fires, soaking up the heat of the fires. Church will begin in a while, but the first horn has not yet sounded. I thought that I would say hello & share a few thoughts with you.

My Walagu house is very well ventilated. On hot, sunny days, I enjoy getting every bit of breeze that I can into the house. However, on these cold, windy days, I wish the house was more airtight, and that I had a nice fireplace or Franklin stove to hover near. This is the tropical house version of ‘you cannot have your cake & eat it, too.’

Sunday morning church does not start at any stated time. Whoever is in charge that day sounds the horn, usually about 3 times. The first horn generally means ‘begin to get ready;’ the second horn means ‘begin to come;’ the final horn means ‘it is time to get to church.’ Joy’s version of how to decide when to go to church is some time between the first & second horns, she watches for how many older ladies have gone into the church building. I have not quite figured out her critical mass of little old ladies, but generally she does quite well, so I usually go about the same time that she goes. One note about the horn. It sounds amazingly like it could be a conch shell horn. Surprise, we live in the tropical mountains, not a tropical beach. It is a piece of pvc pipe about one meter long with the bell made from one have of a juice mix bottle. It makes a sound that carries well across the ridges & ravines calling people to church.

We leave Walagu on Thursday, this week. There is still heaps of work that both Joy & I would have liked to have completed during this eight week stay. Pray for us to be wise each day with what to attempt to do each day. There is also the work of closing up the house before we leave. And as hectic as a last day usually is, this Thursday also includes a massive exchange of batteries. More details on this to come.

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