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Power, Progress, Paperwork, & Prayer Points

August 11, 2011

Friday morning here in PNG. I have been back in Ukarumpa for a couple of weeks now. It has been great to just plug in the computer and work. The flight that picked us up from Walagu did bring 2 replacement batteries. I with some help from our coworkers filled and installed the 2 batteries. Pray that these batteries will get a good foundation charge, and be ready for good use when I head back out to Walagu in a few weeks.

I have had heaps of emails and paperwork to process. I have made progress, but, not as much as I would have liked. Pray that I can use my time wisely & really get accomplished each day what needs to be done. I am also still just catching up with myself after the hectic last few days in Walagu and the move back to Walagu. Somehow, the moving back & forth has never really gotten easier. Back in the day, I thought that the transitions would get easier. I guess that I forgot to factor in the aging process.

Sunday, 21 August through Friday, I am staff at a course called ‘Learning that Lasts.’ It is a course about how adults learn. We are training trainers. It is a great course & I enjoy being part of the learning process but it is quite intense, and next week preparing will also use a lot of energy. Pray for good health and stamina for me and the other staff.

Pray for the Onobasulu co-workers back in Walagu. The translation guys continue first drafting in Luke’s Gospel. At the beginning of this week, they were midway through chapter 16. (BTW: Luke’s Gospel is the longest New Testament book! We will be very glad to have made it through this book!) The literacy men & teachers continue their work on both teaching and work on the curriculum. Joy is also busy here at Ukarumpa with her share of the curriculum work. She is helping with the clean up & consultant approval for the HIV/AIDS & Marijuana awareness booklets.

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