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Learning that Lasts

August 21, 2011

Don’t you love to learn something new? Or to help someone else learn something? I enjoy facilitating learning, so I have a great week planned. I am staff this week for a course called Learning that Lasts. We actually begin here in a few hours with a Sunday afternoon session to get to know each other better. Then classes all day long Monday through Friday, with staff debrief on Saturday. The participants in our course actually are/will be training other adults. Our goal is to give them principles of how adults learn, or to just re-sharpen and coalesce skills they already have with new ideas.

Pray for all our staff, especially as the one teacher who was to mentor Michele & I along our teaching paths only arrived late Friday afternoon (yes, 2 days ago!) instead of Monday. International travel can tricky. So, we did our prep work, but instead of yesterday being a day to leisurely finish personal prep, it also included a long meeting trying to catch up with each other’s expectations. So, as I write to you now, I am both excited about this week, and yet a bit too tired and achy & worried about my stamina levels for the week. It will be long, hard, and stretching. Pray for my own strength and stamina. And pray that my weakness gives Glory to God’s strength, and not Beverly complaining or letting others down.

And pray for me to judge how soon to jump back into translation work that I am behind on for this year’s schedule. Compared to eternity, what is being a weeks off of schedule. But it is still a big pressure that looms in the back of my mind.

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