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accreditation meeting & Holiday weekend

September 17, 2011

Friday was PNG’s Independence Day. I attended a pot luck brunch on Friday with a group of friends. Then came home for a nap. I did a bit of paperwork in the evening, then went to bed early.
Today, Saturday, I will attend an accreditation working group meeting. Then, I plan on dehydrating some fruit leather to take out to Walagu in October. I may also make some granola. I hope also to write some letters to friend. My housemate, Lynn, heads back to the USA on Monday, and she can mail them for me there.
So what is this accreditation working group meeting. We have been training Papua New Guineas for many years of our work here. However, this training has never had formal accreditation, i.e., they do not earn credit towards a degree or transfer to another education institution. For many people this is not a problem. However, we now have the ‘good’ problem of our trainees being interested in attaining a degree in linguistics, translation, or even education. So, how do we take what we already do, and how to fit that in with programs that already exist here and blend them together? How to best build sustainability into our training programs? Today’s meeting had some great ideas, along with some huge challenges, yet I left the meeting quite excited about some of the new paths that we are headed along. And I brought home some of the materials that might be used here for training. I will look at them, and we may trial some of the course work with the Onobasulu translators and literacy workers. Another task for me, but how exciting to help grow our co-workers into the leaders that God wants them to become!
On Sunday, there is a planned valley combined church service at Aiyura National High School. It is a blessing to see Christians from throughout the valley come together to worship.

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