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Are you a real linguist?

September 20, 2011

Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea

I enjoy learning new things. I also enjoy learning things about languages and people. Do not be afraid, this post will not get too technical for you!
PNG has the most diverse linguistic situation in the world. We have more languages than any other country in the world, and many of those languages have dialects. The meetings happening today & Wednesday have presenters and members from 3 of the universities in PNG and various Non-Governmental Organizations. We have been enjoying everything from how various vernacular languages adjust for text messaging on phones, to a very erudite presentation on a facet of psycho-linguistics. Most of the presentations have very practical applications. It can be exciting if I am struggling with a linguistic problem, and someone else struggles with the same kind of problem, but they have begun to find the solution.

At the dinner tonight, I so enjoyed getting to know 3 of the teaching staff of the University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby campus. They have amazing stories of how the came from remote areas of PNG, to be teachers at the flagship university of their country.

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