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Fuel, Granola, & Curriculum

September 30, 2011

During the time out in Walagu village., we will record the Gospel of Matthew and 2 health booklets. We will need to run a small generator, so today I bought fuel for the generator and some kerosene for lamps. I waited my turn at the small gas station here in Ukarumpa, there was a long line to buy kerosene. Then all of the containers went in the back of the car for me to carefully drive back to my house. All of these containers will go out to aviation on Monday. The fuel & kerosene are ‘hazardous’ cargo and need to be earlier at aviation so that the proper paperwork can be done for flying limited quantities of hazardous cargo.

I have one more double batch of granola, then all of the food prep is done. Most of the cargo will go out to aviation on Monday when we take the fuel to the airstrip.

I continue to read through the Onobasulu curriculum that Joy worked on with the Onobasulu teachers. They have done an amazing job.

Just one more week to go. Pray for dry weather so that the airstrip will be safe to land on for both Wednesday’s cargo flight and my own flight on Friday, 7th October.

PS I did hit my head on the hatch of the door & have just a bit of a headache. So, time for a short nap & then back reading, packing & that last batch of granola.

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