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Tired, but packed

October 3, 2011

It is Monday evening. Because of a maintenance issue with one of the Kodiak airplanes, my flight this week was changed a bit. I am still flying on Friday, but with just a very small amount of cargo. Mostly just my computer, lunch, and a few more things. So, my cargo is headed towards Walagu on Wednesday. But a bit less weight than I had previously booked. With the help of my great friends, David & Anne Smith and their truck, the bulk of my cargo went out to aviation today. I had things packed by just before 2 p.m. They came in the truck, we loaded everything, then drove to aviation, just a few miles away. There we weighed things, put 3 boxes in the freezer for future flights. Today we delivered about 270 kilograms: for Wednesday’s flight, and a couple of flights later in October and November.

Pray for good weather: little or no rain at night, and lots of sun during the day for this week. This will help dry out the airstrip, making it safe for both Cessna 206 flights into Walagu.

Do not worry, I will not be bored. I still have heaps of work to accomplish before my Friday flight. What things are you doing this week?

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