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and the long term forecast is. . .

October 9, 2011

And the long term forecast is. . .

Friday I was supposed to fly out to Walagu. Wednesday’s flight did safely get into Walagu, however the strip was not in good shape with only a couple of days of sun. The pilot had plans to overnight there in Walagu. From the late afternoon through the next morning, heavy rain fell. The plane was not able to take off until after lunchtime on Thursday. So, in discussion with aviation leaders, we decided to not fly back into Walagu on Friday. It had been a rough week, so a portion of my heart was glad to just take a day or two off. I just relaxed on Friday & Saturday. On Monday, I’ll get back to work on translation projects and talking with aviation about when to schedule the next flight.

For the flight, we need several days of good sun to dry & strengthen the airstrip. Pray for the leaders at aviation & me as we discuss & plan for the next flight.
I also continue to get ready for translation consultant checking to happen later this year.

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