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Rain clouds & silver linings

October 13, 2011

Well, it now about one week since I found out that my flight would not go out to Walagu on 7th October. And I still am not sure when I will fly to Walagu.
There are times when I wish that I did not need to deal with maintaining an airstrip. I often wish that I was a helicopter allocation. There would be problems with that, but at least not whether the grass was cut & raked, how much rain has fallen, etc.

However, I do need to keep up the airstrip battles. This airstrip is the only way other than walking bush trails for a couple of days. It has been over a couple of decades since the airstrip was built. It now looks more like a soup plate than a properly crowned airstrip. Do you know of a civil engineer who would like to come to Walagu and work on our airstrip? Of course, we will still need a small bulldozer or something like that to help with the work to be done. Pray that some solution could be found for us.

Some silver linings in this last week:

I was very tired last week, close to too tired. I took time to get heaps of rest over the weekend.

I have caught up this week on some long standing projects that were not getting done.

Today, a good friend arrives at Ukarumpa. On the regular schedule, we would have not gotten to see each other. Now we have a few days in which to visit & catch up with each other.

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