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On the way to Walagu ~ keep on praying

October 18, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to talk with Walagu on the radio. The weather there was finally quite good – the days were dry and sunny. The last week, there was only one night with rain. This morning, one of my co-workers is walking the length of the airstrip this morning. He will report to aviation at the 10:30 aviation radio sked time. I am now approved to go, unless there is a bad report on the condition of the strip, or if there was heavy rain last night. Keep on praying for good weather all of this week. I am sending this at about 11:45 a.m. PNG time.

I go out to Walagu on Wednesday morning, PNG time. (That will be about 3-4 on Tuesday afternoon, Texas time). On Thursday, there is a flight bringing Nathalie. She is a lady developing a common sign language for deaf people in PNG. She will meet with some deaf people out in our area. She also has some visitors from her home country of Sweden. Joy will travel out to Walagu on Friday following her return to PNG today from a meeting with her sending organization. Now you know part of the reason I was so stressed that I did not make it to Walagu. I knew all of these other flights were pending and getting so very close to not happening also.

Thanks to all of you for your love & faithful prayers. I could definitely tell that I was being embraced by prayers.

For those of you who also get my email updates, sorry for the duplication, but I was just trying to get the news out quicker.

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