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Where in the world is Beverly Mosley?

October 22, 2011

& what is she doing?!

Short version: I am in Ukarumpa still, and now plan to go to Walagu on 14th November. Joy Candee heads to Walagu on Monday, by helicopter. The pilot will also officially check out the airstrip. This check is part of getting the airstrip re-opened to fixed wing aircraft. Longer version of the story below.

Weeks ago, Joy & I booked flights to Walagu: Me on the 7th October and Joy on the 21st October after her return to PNG from a retreat. All kinds of things went wrong with these plans, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here are of our delays: bad weather in both Ukarumpa & Walagu; no accurate report from Walagu about weather & airstrip conditions for over one week; plane availability shortage; plane available but no pilot available, etc. (If you want the novel version, let me know & I can give you the play by play ~ some days it even changed hour by hour.)

And because we were nicely sharing to make the original booking viable, every change did not just affect me, but also others. The Hays family: their PNG co-workers were on the first flight that I missed, Nathalie, the lady working on sign language for PNG & her guests from Sweden, Joy coming back from out of the country was once put on flight before she was ready to head out to Walagu, you name it, it probably happened. Last Thursday, though, it seemed like I might actually make it, once we waited for the morning ground fog to lift & clear at Walagu. We did not make it. But by mid-afternoon, aviation had decided to send Joy & I on a helicopter. This would get us out to Walagu & let a trained aviation person check the condition of the airstrip. (Have I mentioned that most of PNG has just had plain ole nasty flying & landing weather this year?) However, the downside of this flight, helicopters do not carry as much weight, we were going to decide which cargo would need to wait to come to Walagu. (Have I mentioned that I had repacked & reweighed some of this cargo several times?)

Then my administrators came to see me and to check on how I was doing. They were concerned about how I was really handling all of these stresses & changes. And they also knew I had scheduled a very full work plan during my time in Walagu. How was I really doing? Well, since I began to cry when they asked me that question. (clue, that Beverly was not in good shape.) And even all of that day, I had been praying in my heart, “OK, God, what on earth are you trying to tell me?!” Some tears, some talking, a couple of phone calls, another administrator called in; a brief conversation face to face with Joy; and finally some time just me in prayer with God. Joy & most of the cargo could go out to Walagu on Monday, weather permitting; I would go to Walagu in mid-November with the person going out to do the scripture recordings. Friday the cargo was weighed again, it just fits with Joy – nothing left behind.

What will I do for these 3 weeks or so? Well, first of all, relax and let some stress & tension go out from my heart. Then work on preparing the materials that we need to give to consultants. I am a bit behind in this part of the work, so this will be a great time to work on this part of the work.

So what do you all pray for? Pray for peace & rest for me,, along with a bit of good work accomplished. Pray for Joy’s flight on Monday, especially good weather. Pray for a good report for the Walagu airstrip. Pray for our aviation guys, they have been having a hugely stressful year (and not just dealing with me, but heaps of bad weather & tired, stressed translators). Pray for Joy’s time in the village in our house, when it is just her, there for her last time. I will be there for the end of her time & her farewell. I’ll let you all know how the next flights go…

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