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In Walagu without me

November 2, 2011

In early October, a flight went to Walagu with cargo for Joy & me. Also on that flight were Debbie & Robbie Petterson to their own work area in the Gulf Province of PNG, who along with the pilot had a planned overnight at Walagu. Because of the rain the afternoon they landed that continued into the next morning, they were not sure how long they would be ‘stuck’ in Walagu. So, they went to work. Here they are collating books on my table in the main room in my house.

Joy is currently in Walagu busy training the elementary teachers how to use the curriculum. (Grades prep to 2, like kindergarten to grade 2). She did send me this photo of Sabea. He was the boy who broke his arm in late June & I set it for him.

The photo was made very small and sent to me by the high frequency radio version of email. This technology is slow & has some difficulties on some days & is subject to radio interference, but such a huge blessing.

The Onobasulu co-translators have finished the first draft of Luke’s Gospel. This puts us at about 58% of the New Testament in first draft. Much of that has gone through the other checks. We have about 40% of the NT printed as small booklets. We have a very small amount of the Old Testament done. Too small to do percentages.

Here in Ukarumpa, I have been catching up with myself, doing a few small projects, and some work on the Vernacular to English back translation for a consultant. (More about that later.)

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