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Walagu Airstrip Update

November 8, 2011

Well, keep on praying about my flight to Walagu on Monday. Our aviation staff here are considering on whether to try to take out a fixed wing aircraft, or to go by helicopter. This is because, although there has been some sun most days, it still continues to be quite rainy. And work has been done on the airstrip, but its condition is still very uneven, a nice firm spot will be immediately next to a very boggy place. A plane could land on a firm spot, then hit the boggy bit ~ not safe at all. Do pray for aviation to make a wise choice. And for them as they speak with a commercial charter company. Because of the death of an important man, relatives who live out of the area have chartered a quite large airplane to bring on mourners and building supplies. If this plane comes in, can it land and take off safely? I do not know, and if by some miracle it comes & goes safely, would this make the people think that what we have been telling them about the condition of the airstrip is not true? Pray for wisdom for our aviation guys as they decide on whether my flight next week to go out for recording Matthew’s Gospel can happen, and whether by fixed wing or by helicopter.

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