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Celebrating Christmas with me & the Onobasulu

November 10, 2011

Here is a list of 26 ways to help us celebrate:
1. a letter, card, or post card (don’t have time or money to send a package? I would love to receive a letter or card. Any mail is special). Mail takes amost a month to get here to PNG from the USA.
2. CDs: Christmas or any music I’ve been missing, I especially like Praise & worship & classical
3. DVDs: what is new, or what is your old favorite?, I especially like period drama
4. books (read anything good lately?) Devotional or recreational books or magazines (recycle your old ones to PNG).
5. offering for buying new office chair
6. good band-aids (various sizes).
7. packages of toothbrushes, both child & adult
8. candles, both scented and unscented (just nice to have in the house).
9. all kinds of stickers.
10. crayons (small boxes are best or the extra thick less breakable crayons are great too).
11. coloring books (large pictures of animals or other not so culture specific pictures Or Bible stories).
12. Oil of Olay active hydrating lotion for sensitive skin.
13. face paints
14. cross stitch supplies: like Just Cross Stitch mag subscription; cross stitch kits; aida cloth various sizes & colors; nice embroidery scissors
15. Johnsons cornstarch Baby Powder
16. printer cartridges: HP 02 black & HP 02 color set for HP C7250 (Ukarumpa) and
HP 74 & HP 75 for HP C 5200 series (translators’ printer) and HP HP 920XL both black & color for HP Office Jet 7000 wide carriage (literacy printer) We use more of the black ink than color, we support 3 printers.
17. battery and/or memory card for for Sony CyberShot (DSC-W220)digital still camera
18. chocolate, always chocolate
19. special thumb drive adapter for the memory card for Cyber Shot
20. craisins or other dried berries
21. pecans or almonds
22. waterbabies sunscreen
23. Airborne packages
24. solar re-chargeable lamps or flashlights
25. gift cards to places like, LLBean, Land’s End, etc
26. Used, but still working watches or clocks to share with teachers and other co-workers
Pictures of you, your family, or just blank photo paper for me to print photos on
Why a list of 26? I listed 26 ways since I work in country that celebrates, Boxing Day, too. It’s a mix of things that I would use personally and items that I would take with me to the village. Try to use flat rate boxes or envelopes, as they have the most economic postage rates. Mail needs to be sent by late November or very early December, as mail travels slowly to PNG! Thanks for supporting my ministry in this way.
Could you guess what was for me myself, and what was for work, you might be surprised. I have a more personal list that I can send you via email, if you are really interested in something just for me.
Where do you send the box? If you have sent mail before, my address has changed.

Beverly Mosley
PO Box 1 (622)
Ukarumpa, EHP 444
Papua New Guinea

One note on my manners. . . My mother did teach me NOT to ask for presents. But I so love giving presents and do not want to deprive you of the opportunity, even if just a card. 

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