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Finally Walagu

November 16, 2011

Monday, 14th November, I did get to ride in the helicopter to Walagu. It was my first helicopter ride. That feeling of just floating up into the air was amazing. For part of the trip, because of the ceiling of cloud cover, we were just a few hundred feet about the rain forest canopy. I did think to myself, ‘I am loving this, but my mom would totally freak out.’

This was a helicopter flight because the Walagu airstrip condition is still boggy & inconsistent.

Since Joy was already in Walagu, she had most things ready for us when we arrived. We did spend the afternoon getting settled, and taking Dan on a walk through part of the village.

Joy continues training the Onobasulu teachers how to use the curriculum that they have all worked on developing. Dan Bauman is here to record Onobasulu Gospel of Matthew and a couple of health booklets. Tuesday, we did begin recording. We got off to a bit of slow start, only getting 2 chapters recorded today. That included the ‘basics of recording’ intro along with listening, editing, & re-recording. The listening & editing needs to happen right away, so that if a passage needs to be re-read, that original reader is available.

Pray that we will have lots of sun to power the solar system (this helps the airstrip also). Also, the sun means, no rain falling loudly on the metal roof.

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