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Turn off your cell phones.

November 17, 2011

Just a few months ago a tower was installed close enough for cell phones to work. Even now, the coverage is weak and sporadic. But it was too funny, on the first morning of recording, just as we began, someone’s cell phone began to ring. It was almost surreal to ask everyone to turn off their cell phones. When I have been in Walagu, I have often felt so remote and isolated. I am still remote from most of the world, but the influence of the world is approaching, at least via cell phones. We are thinking of have cell phone etiquette classes.

This is now Thursday morning in Walagu. Recording is going well, but slow. Well, slower than I thought. We had hoped to record 4 chapters per day, and that would just barely get all of Matthew recorded. Someone reads a paragraph unit. We replay that paragraph, stopping along the way to correct the errors. Our ideal would have been 28 people read 28 chapters. However, we do not have 28 fluent Onobasulu readers. And even some the ones reading still struggle reading on any given day. Hook them up with a microphone and small audience of translators, helping to listen for errors, and things really get scary. I am not sure that we will get all of Matthew recorded. So, today I get to make a priority list of chapters. Kind of like choosing which child a mother loves the best! Thanks for praying for us.

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