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Manna from Heaven. . . but from a helicopter?

November 19, 2011

Today, mid-morning, we were working on recording the Gospel of Matthew. Suddenly, the sound of an approaching helicopter interrupted the work. The helicopter landed not far from my house, and the translators went to check on who had arrived. Imagine my surprise when they returned to tell me that the 2 men were community officers from Oil Search!
Because of all of the airstrip troubles this year, one of my important goals in Walagu was to find the correct contact info for the Community Affairs Officer for Oil Search. Oil Search is drilling for both oil and natural gas just east of the Onobasulu area. They are slowly coming into the Onobasulu area. A percentage of oil income is to be used for community development. Because the Walagu airstrip is the only way into Onobasulu land, other than a very rigorous, multiday hike over bush trails. Bush trails are not the best way for teachers & literacy supplies to travel, nor for medical nursing officers & medical supplies to travel.

Therefore, we want to write up a proposal for the community development department of Oil Search. This proposal will include re-crown and re-surface the Walagu airstrip, along with a new heavy-duty mower, and some other maintenance equipment.

Pray that our proposal is accepted and acted on in a timely manner.

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