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Sun, Stars, & Spiders

November 19, 2011

Recording Onobasulu Matthew has gone very well this week. The weather has been beautiful ~ lots of sun, a few showers on some days. Friday was the best: it was sunny all day long, and a breeze most of the day. The breeze was greatly appreciated as our temperature got up to 90F. With the new batteries installed that finally had a chance to get a good base charge, once the sun was shining. The new solar panel is at a better angle to really gather the sun’s rays. Friday we got the highest amount of amp hours stored ever!

The clear weather continued into the night. With no light pollution, we had such a beautiful starry night. I wanted just sit on the verandah for hours and absorb the peace and beauty. But I did come in after a while.

Joy had cooked our dinner of pizza, I washed about half of the dishes, then Dan washed the rest. We were sitting around talking, and Joy saw large spider on my office chair (Yea, I was on another chair at the time!). Dan came to our rescue and killed the spider. We had talked for a long time, after a later than usual dinner, then it was my turn to shower last. As I was in the shower, I could see the spiders coming out of their hiding places and run around on the under-side of the roof. I was thinking, ‘I am up way too late tonight. I want to be safely tucked into my mosquito net by the time that the spiders come out to party!’

As I type now on Saturday morning, we are having a ‘do things’ around the house day. Joy is sorting through her things, as she leaves on Thursday. My heart is so very sad to think about her leaving. However, God is leading her in some new & exciting directions. Dan is checking some of our electronic equipment. Kind of a wellness clinic for lamps, invertors, etc. I am planning on reorganizing my things & helping Joy a bit.

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