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Week at a Glance

December 11, 2011

I began the week with a skype conversation with my family, which was bittersweet. I so enjoyed seeing them (although jumpy and occasionally freeze-frame) and hearing each of their voices, but it just made me more homesick for them. It was also a hard week, because it was Joy’s last week in Ukarumpa. So, work included meeting with her and transferring all of the literacy and other projects to my computer, and bringing me up-to-date on where each project stands.

My week also included heaps of laundry from Walagu and some from Ukarumpa. Did mention that rainy season is beginning in Ukarumpa. Being on opposite sides of the main dividing mountains, the Walagu & Ukarumpa rainy seasons are opposite times of the year. Often I am ‘lucky’ enough to have two rainy seasons per year. (soggy sigh) My week was also complicated by fighting off a cold or flu kind of thing. I am feeling better, but still a bit like I was hit by a vehicle ~ earlier in the week, it felt like maybe a Mack truck hit me, now, maybe like a compact Kia hit me. :-}
Last night we had a party to celebrate Joy and her time here in PNG. It was heaps of fun. Tomorrow morning, I’ll head out to Aiyura airstrip to see her off on her travels home.

Pray for Joy as she travels and investigates possible work fields for the future, and pray for me as my ‘to do’ list is way to long for this upcoming week.

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