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Good-byes, earthquakes, & cookies

December 17, 2011

Wednesday afternoon, I was in the clinic talking with a nurse in preparation for a routine doctor visit. Then we felt the earth move under our feet. Well, really we felt the building begin to rock & roll. It was the most shaking that I had felt since years ago when I worked in Southern New Ireland Province and we went through a season of earthquakes. The nurse and I did get up and stand in the doorway. I thought about heading outside, but we were a long hallway from the door. Turns out that Ukarumpa was about 90+ miles from a 7.3 earthquake. Just far enough away, that the rocking time is lengthened , but still close enough to shake quite hard. I was not sure what I would find when I returned to my house. I did have a few things that jumped off of shelves, including my dvd player, but it still works. Amazingly, nothing in my house was damaged, although quite a few things rearranged themselves. The cabinet with all my spice bottles was quite jumbled.

Monday was the day that Joy left Ukarumpa. A few of us went out to say good-bye to Joy at aviation and to wave as the plane flew away. I have now participated in the Walagu farewell feast for Joy. Joy was given several bilums (hand made string bags). These bags were all made especially for her. Many bags = much love for Joy.

Then Jeffery made a speech about how hard everyone had worked on the curriculum, and how much everyone should appreciate the huge gift of work that Joy gave the Onobasulu.

Then last weekend, I attended another farewell feast for Joy here at Ukarumpa

Finally, I do go out to see my friend fly away from Ukarumpa on her way out of PNG. Yet, I do not think that my heart really believes yet that she is gone. I never like saying good-byes, yet I have landed in a job where it seems like I am always saying good-bye to someone. Pray for me as I continue to deal with saying good-bye to two co-workers this year.

My home group had a special Christmas celebration Thursday evening, last night was a single’s Christmas game night, and today I was invited to a Christmas cookie bake/exchange. I am staying home from the cookie bake. Not because I do not like Christmas cookies, or my friends, but this week has been just a little too much, and I decided I just needed some quiet time home by myself.

I do have quite a bit of work that needs to get done in the next week, because, I did not get as much done the last couple of weeks that I needed to get done. Pray that I can get a good amount done next week.

Have a lovely week as you count down to celebrating the coming of Christ at Christmas.

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