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Christmas Eve Potpourri

December 24, 2011

Today began with a friend calling to wish me ‘Christmas Eve Gift!” This is a tradition in my family, and she kindly plays the game with me, to help me not feel too homesick. While we were still chatting, some PNG friends arrived at her house. Since they had come to Ukarumpa to see both of us, I got dressed and went on over to see them. It was a grandmother and 2 of her grandchildren. The young girl used to call me ‘mother’ which works in PNG as you call your mom’s sisters ‘mother’ also. After a nice visit, I drove them most of the way to their house at the head of our valley. On my way back home, I passed a older lady walking along with a stick. So, I gave her a ride to the other side of Ukarumpa, and she continued on her way to see her grandkids.

Just after I arrived back home, a friend dropped by with a small plate of baked Christmas goodies. I had some leftover quiche for a brunch.

I am about to go start some beef vegetable soup cooking. It will simmer away the afternoon, and then I have some guests coming for supper. One couple who are here for just one year, teaching in the international school, and one couple who have worked in PNG for many years and are leaving PNG in early January. We will have our dinner after the late afternoon service that is geared especially for families and children of all ages (that’s me!). Later there is a special candlelight service that I hope to attend, if I am not too tired.

What are your special plans for today? Family, church? last minute shopping? Take a moment and let the peace of Christ dwell in your hearts.

Hugs & blessings from PNG.

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  1. Mary Logan permalink
    December 25, 2011 2:35 am

    Merry Christmas Beverly! I am praying for you and appreciate so much your work for the kingdom of God!

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