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Dolls, morning tea, & dehydrated hamburger mince

December 27, 2011

What do these items have in common? They were on my agenda for yesterday. Tuesday, my friend Karen and I worked together. She started the bread, I began to brown the hamburger mince. We cooked, drained, then, loaded the mince on the trays of the dehydrator. Karen then shaped the loaves, and got them into the oven. We walked next door to where her neighbors were hosting morning tea for friends in the neighbor, and a few people like me from across town, who just came.

Back at Karen’s house we loaded up her sewing machine and supplies and headed to my house. The material for 3 dolls was cut, and the sewing begun on the first doll. We worked at my house, as the dehydrator was running at Karen’s house. The dehydrated meat will be a great blessing to me in Walagu in February, but it is noisy & a bit smelly, so it was great to work away from it. Later in the afternoon, I packaged up the mince in small plastic bags, then put those bags into a Tupperware container. The mince is mine; in a couple of days, we will work together on Karen’s chicken. I already have enough chicken leftover in Walagu for my next short stay.

Today, we will continue to work on the dolls after I hang out my towels. So far, it looks like a lovely sunny day. Whoo Hoo! Laundry gets dry in the tropics in one day.

Wish you could be here with us visiting, drinking tea, eating leftover Christmas cookies, and enjoying the break from work. Although, do not tell, I still have heaps of work to sneak in on my back translation of Luke’s Gospel (vernacular back to English ~ VE).

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