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Moresby, meetings, & meals

January 12, 2012

Port Moresby is the capital city of Papua New Guinea. It was great being there and have small bits of culture shock about the traffic & traffic lights, malls & restaurants, driving by the embassies and high commission buildings, etc. It was all just a different pace & life than either Ukarumpa or Walagu.

The highlights of my week were the meetings. I did enjoy working with John and Michele on the Learning that Lasts materials. We hope that it is just a bit more usual for the South Pacific in future courses. I love the idea of training those will be training others!

And speaking of training others, one meeting was with leadership from the University of PNG’s Open College. The UPNG Open College is the distance education branch of the university. It especially targets those who did not complete the normal 12 years of schooling, and has distance classes to help them finish a high school equivalency program. We are just in the discussion stages, but we hope someday to be able to help those Papua New Guineans who work alongside us in Bible translation and literacy to plug into this system. For example, my main 6 Onobasulu co-workers did not finish grade 12. But they are smart, intelligent men who always amaze me with their desire to learn more. There is a small possibility that our group might become a trial group to see how we could help Open College, and Open College could help our workers. Pray for wisdom as we go forward in this endeavor. But meeting the two of the UPNG leadership team was such an encouragement to me. Their passion to help improve the educational level of their countrymen energized me and made me excited to see what will happen.

A funny thing happened on the way into the grocery store. . . We were walking into a nice, clean, large store. I was looking around like a kid in a huge candy store, just relishing all of the choices, when I suddenly notice the guy walking down the aisle in my direction. It was a man in traditional Huli dress. As the Huli are a neighboring people group to the Onobasulu, I have seen traditional Huli celebratory dress, but walking down the aisle of a Port Moresby grocery store?! OK, where is my camera? But of course, I did not have a camera. But it did lend a distinctive flavor that shopping expedition.

We went out to eat lunch once, and then on my last night, we went out to eat with Jim and Michele’s bosses. I tagged along as it was not an actual work meeting. And what a treat, I went prepared to pay for my own meal, but they bought my dinner, also.

One last note, our mail all comes to Port Moresby, is processed in the Port Moresby Post Office, then delivered to the MAF hanger for our organization to fly up and sort. We had not had any more mail delivered since mid December. Many waiting for special Christmas items are still waiting. On Wednesday morning, PNG Post delivered 725 kilograms of mail (1595 lbs), with more to be delivered to the hanger on Friday. On the 2 Port Moresby to Aiyura flights, 243 kgs of that mail came up to Ukarumpa, with more to come on Monday. We are excited. I was so excited to just see the mail bags in Port Moresby, I took this photo:

Yes, as much as I enjoy email, facebook, blogging, etc., there is still a special thrill to get a ‘real’ letter or small package in the mail. I am hoping for just a tiny bit of this mail to belong to me.

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