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Triple Rainbow

January 22, 2012

Friday afternoon, I was struggling with How? & Why? & What will happen? A friend had come over to visit, listen, & talk. We had a good visit. It had been rainy on and off all day, and as she was about to leave, a light rain shower began again. As the sun was also shining, I joked about her walking home in a rainbow. Then I went back inside of my house. She went out to the road, began walking then looked back at my house. She called for me to come out to the road and look back at my house. There were 3 rainbows one right on top of the other, and each a full half-circle, the arcs surrounding my house. The lowest rainbow most intense in color; each above fading out more than the one below.

Now, I am not starting a new theological theory, but God is the one who made with a poetical & mystical bent. So, I took those rainbows not just as the phenomenon of refracted light, and not just as the promise from God not to destroy the world by floods again, but as a promise to my heart & life, that although things seemed amazingly rough and hard this past week, God was not bringing destruction to my life.

I still do not see the pathway before me for many steps or very clearly, but I do know the One who is guiding me knows the path. And I trust in His loving plans for my life.

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