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Rainy days & Mondays

January 30, 2012

Well, I am not really down because of the rainy Monday. But my ‘to do’ list for this week seems just a little too scary at the moment. Pray for wisdom for each day, maybe even hour by hour, to know what to work on.

For example, so other urgent things came up today, and I did not get my village shopping done. I’ll head to the store first thing in the morning, come back and pack. But in a way this is good, as Karen Rowe & I took her things out to aviation. The bin for Walagu, which we share with other airstrips, was very full. But that cargo is scheduled to fly out tomorrow, Tuesday. So, storage space at Aviation, it is a good thing that all of my cargo is still sitting in my house, or even still at the store!
I did talk with my mom today. It looks like her car may need repairs. Pray that the repairs are done quickly, and do not cost too much. This car is her only transport, and there is not a lot of extra money in her budget for extra repairs this month.

I plan to fly to Walagu village on Friday. The airstrip needs to be cut this week. It should have happened last week, but it did not happen.

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