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Crocodile & Company

February 5, 2012

Papua New Guinea has both fresh water and salt water crocodiles. I have seen both in a nature preserve and in the wild. I am glad to report that I only saw them from a safe distance, and have not had any personal, face-to-face contact. Well, except for at the crocodile farm outside of Madang town. I was there with a group of elementary kids, and we each to hold a small, baby crocodile and get our photo taken doing so. My photo is buried somewhere in a box with other film photos ~ pre-digital days. The crocodile farms raise the crocs for selling both the skins and the meat.

Don’t you love being asked to someone’s house to eat a special dinner? Or the excitement that someone is coming to your house for dinner. Last week, the Hinton family had me over for dinner on Thursday evening. This was a blessing to me in the midst of packing and making sure everything was done before I left Ukarumpa for Walagu. For me: no cooking & no dish washing to worry about. I went to the Hinton’s house about 6ish. Tony was not yet home from the auto shop where he is the manager. That allowed Martha and I to just talk and catch up with each other as she finished cooking. Caleb and Sarah did greet me, but they were busy finishing their homework for the day. Tony arrived home and we all sat down at the table. The kids were excited as we were having a special treat: Crocodile Nuggets. They were very good. Martha did tell me the secret to her crust, but as it is a secret, I cannot tell you all here for the world to read. You will just need to come to PNG and get invited to the Hinton household. After dinner, we visited just a bit more as Sarah began practicing her clarinet. That was a blast from the past for me, as years ago, I also studied the clarinet in Junior High. Tony and I discussed a bit more what he would need to bring to Walagu on the next day’s flight. As I was leaving, Caleb decided that he would invite me to come to eat more often with their family, so that we/they could have crocodile nuggets more often.

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  1. dave permalink
    February 8, 2012 2:29 pm

    I had crocodile for the first time when we were in Brazil in the rain forest. I am not sure if they had the same secret but it sure tasted good. Glad you enjoyed it, and I am sure you have had a lot more “interesting” meals than that!

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