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Mosquitoes, Leeches and other hungry bugs

February 13, 2012

Have you ever been hungry, but just not sure what you wanted to eat? So, you head off to restaurant row in town; you drive along. Do you want: TexMex, Chinese, Italian, Southern home cooking? Ah, finally, there it is ~ all you can eat buffet.

Recently a leech in Walagu had this problem. It was Thursday afternoon, several people had walked by. Wait, here comes the white lady. She walks slowly, and she walks in the grass at the edge of the path, rather than down the center of the clay path. There she is, jump on! Is this a good place to eat? No try that spot. Try again.

Still looking. finally a good spot just above the sandal strap on the front of her leg. A nice meal of fresh blood.

Mosquito bites itch (and you can get diseases from mosquitoes), so I do not like to be bitten by mosquitoes. Hey, I do not like to be bitten by any bug. And I currently have a bite on my leg from an unknown bug and it is itchy & painful. (I will spare you a photo of that bite.) But generally leech bites are very itchy to me. And I do not appreciate the fact that this one leech left a trail of itchy bites. Sigh.

However, Thursday’s trip to the airstrip was not in vain. Work had been done on the airstrip during the week, mostly repairing the rut damage from the flight on 3rd Feb. that brought me to Walagu. A flight was scheduled and aviation wanted a report on the condition of the airstrip. I was able to send a report on the repairs made, and a flight did make it in & out safely on Friday, 10th February.

The work on the airstrip was important, but it did take the translators away from the work that I had planned for last week. Pray that this coming week is nice and boring, and we just get our scheduled work done.

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