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Saturday, yard sale day

March 31, 2012

This morning, I had a yard sale. It was fun. David & Anne helped me, and another family also brought some things to sale. I have a couple of goals in this sale. First, to ‘buy’ some space in my house & cupboards. I like things nicely put away, but I have more things than space. So, passing along things that I am not really using, I will have better space when packing things away for furlough. I also have a special project in mind for the money. On my way home, I will take some vacation time. With little bit of money from the sale, I hope to cover part or all of my expenses where I will be staying. With that part of the goal in my mind, it helps me to sort through my things more severely. Anne has come and helped me sort, price, and today David helped set up the sale area. He designed a selling area, with security area & crowd control. The first photo shows (left to right) David, his wife, Anne, and Yun Park, the lady who also brought things to sell. The crowd was beginning to gather for our opening time.

This photo shows David working on boundary ropes. The foreground shows the rack that David made for the clothes to hang on so that they would be more visible.

The weather was beautiful. We had a fun time. I got closer to both of my goals. I will be continuing the sorting & selling some things on a bulletin board. Pray that I can continue well in what I have started.

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