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Weather around the globe at a glance

April 5, 2012

Well, in two places. . .

It was cold in my house last night. Here in the mile high small town of Ukarumpa, we had a clear night. Clear nights in mountains equal cold temps, esp. as we in the southern hemisphere began our travels towards ‘winter.’ My clock in my bedroom also has the temperature. This morning it was 54 F (12 C) degrees. I was huddled under several layers of bedclothes, thinking that our great grandparents were right about sleeping with nightcaps.

But I have since taken a nice walk in the sun to thaw out. (You won’t hear me say that much!)

And now back to both computer work alternating with sorting & packing.

Pray for the people traumatized in the North Texas area by the tornado & storm damage. I did not know that the storms were happening. However, I just ‘happened’ to call my mom not long after they passed out of the DFW area to the northeast. Although she lives in south Arlington, not far from where some of the severe damage happened, amazingly, our house was not damaged. But my heart does break for those whose property & memories were destroyed.

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