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Easter Monday

April 9, 2012

On Good Friday & Easter Saturday, I try to imagine that I am with the disciples and do not yet know the end of the story. They had been told, but in their fear and desolation, they had forgotten. I am sure that if I had been there, I would also have forgotten. These last few weeks have held uncertainty and fear of the unknown future for me. So, I did a bit better job imagining myself with the disciples.

Then Sunday morning ~ HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!! ALLELUIA!!! The church service was so encouraging to my heart. For lunch, a group of friends had a pot luck lunch. It was good food & fellowship.

In PNG, Monday of Easter weekend is also part of the holiday. So, on this quiet morning, I am airing out blankets while sheets wash, and continuing the sorting/packing process.

However, my mind wanders back to the awe of what we remembered & celebrated. The God who created the universe was willing to cast aside His glory, take the broken, painful form of man. As if that were not enough, He then laid down His own sinless life to purchase my salvation from sin. What amazing love & grace!
May we all carry that love & grace with us into this week, into this year.

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