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strawberries on my granola

April 12, 2012

Here is a vegetable that I recently bought at our local market. Can you guess what veggie it is? If you look closely at the measuring tape it is 10’ long. I thought it looked like a pepper from its shape, but it is actually a zucchini. Three mornings a week, people from surrounding areas bring produce and handcrafts to sell at our market. It is great, someone can buy fruit & veggies, then flowers to decorate the house, and a handcrafted item to keep as a souvenir.

So, today, I had fresh strawberries on my homemade granola for breakfast. Later today, I have a banana for a snack, and I have lots of good ingredients to make a great salad as part of my supper.

However, for lunch, I will be eating chicken & fries with friends. Our small local store added a small food bar for lunch service. Some days it is rotisserie chicken, or hamburgers, or some other item cooked on an Aussie style grill. And most days French fries. That way I get the occasional French fries fix, without having to cook (& clean up) myself. It is a beautiful sunny day, a great day for a picnic.

So, I’ll close & head back to packing & computer work.

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