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Rainy Monday

April 16, 2012

It is a cold, rainy Monday today. I had arranged for someone to come and dig out some hibiscus bushes that have a parasite on the leaves. It is not a good day for working in the yard.

There was a flight scheduled to the western part of PNG, that was to include a stop at Walagu. Yesterday, when I talked with the guys in Walagu, they were quite happy as in the last couple of weeks, it had only rained a small amount a couple of nights. Last night it rained more in Walagu. So, I am not sure as I type if the plane will be able to land in Walagu. Tony Hinton was/is flying out to re-install the engine in the large mower. At this point, each day now takes us closer to Walagu rainy season, and the airstrip Planes are flying, but it is not really a great day to be flying.

So, what do I do today to warm my heart? I think about last Friday. I had made plans for a picnic lunch. During the afternoon, I spoke with Anne & David, my good friends here. They invited me over to their house for dinner, then to watch a movie. Surprise, the dinner was my ‘pre-birthday’ dinner, since my birthday will happen the third week of May after I am already in Texas. We had birthday cake with candle & homemade ice cream. It did make me feel loved & special.

I hope that you Monday & week are getting off to a good sunny start. But if there is rain in your day, I hope that you have warm memories to bring a glow to your day.

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