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The pictures on my wall are still crooked. . .

April 17, 2012

When I was brave enough to come back into my house, I heard a strange scraping sound. It was a ceramic wall decoration still swinging back and forth. Yes, I had gone out of the house during an earthquake. Normally, I stay in, but this ‘quake had given one fairly hard jolt, then with almost no delay had starting rolling/shaking quite a bit. So, I went out the front of my house. But there the electrical pole & wire were also shaking, and I was not sure that I was that safer there. I could hear a few things falling in the house.

Actually fewer things fell off/out than the earthquake on 22 March. Today’s ‘quake was 7.0 off the north coast of New Guinea, north of Lae city

Since I have been sorting through so many things preparing for furlough, it has been feeling like small earthquakes in my life. And this week, I have been re-reading NO COMPROMISE the biography of Keith Green. His music and writings had an important part in shaping my thinking during my university years, and thinking about how I should be in ministry for the Kingdom. Reading that book is a bit like an earthquake shaking my life.

Why is God shaking my life? Am I too complacent? Am I doing what He has for me in this season of my life? I am still trying to hear the still, small voice amidst the noise and shaking.

I guess that I’ll straighten the pictures, drink some hot peppermint tea, have some quiet time, and head towards bed.

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