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Practice Pack, & Aussie tourist visa

April 23, 2012

A couple of the tasks on this week’s to do list are the practice pack and applying for my Australian tourist visa.

I really need a vacation, so on my way home to Texas, I am staying 8 days, 9 nights in Australia. So, I am applying for a tourist visa. It is now easily done on-line. The visa is multiple entry and is good for one year, so in theory, I could just run in & out of Australia. Except for the fact that I’ll be in the USA several thousand miles away. However, maybe on my way back to PNG, I can use it again.

What is a practice pack? Since basically I am moving to a whole other country, what I bring in the suitcase it quite important. I want to make sure that the high priority items will fit, along with some of the wish list items without paying baggage overweight charges. And I do need to consider what I’ll need for the days in Cairns, Australia along with what I’ll need for work back in the USA.

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