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Four days to go . . .

April 27, 2012

Talking with my mother recently, she mentioned counting down the days until I arrived. When she first said the number, I thought to myself, ‘that number is not correct.’ Then I realized, she is counting until May 11th when I arrive in Texas; I am counting down days until I leave PNG. Do I confess this to my mother?! Finally, I did tell her, but highlighted that I needed to be thinking of all the tasks that need to happen before I leave. I am very much looking forward to seeing my family, but I am also looking forward to the week of vacation before I get home.

I have four days here in Ukarumpa before I leave on early Wednesday morning. My house is still in the scary ‘what bomb exploded here stage?’ I hope to make sense of most of those remaining bits today. Sorry, I am NOT posting a photo of that! A load of laundry is washing now, then it will be hung out in the sun, and I will work on finding the house.

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  1. Mary Logan permalink
    April 28, 2012 5:03 pm

    Blessings! May you have safe travels! Hope to see you at the district council. I will be ordained on tuesday night.

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